What to do ? 

Hi guys question time.

Have you ever been in a situation were your friend, sister or family have been at a hard time or place and you just feel helpless and useless and all you want to do is take away everything there going through. Its so sad seeing people you love and care about struggling. Well right now someone dear to me is having this if ANY of you have any idea on how in anyway I can make them distract themselves or take away some of the hurt it would be incredible. I hope you can help.

Thanks you amazing people!

Little one out xxx 


A to Z of me :)

I saw some other bloggers doing this and I am not sure if its a tag or not but it seemed fun so i wanted to try hope you guys like.

A-accidents (clumsy)

B-bluey/green  eyes








J-johnny depp



M-mash or magic stars 🌟

N-nice (i think)

O-only little

P-pirates of the caribbean 

Q- quiet

R-really wierd 😋




V-violence (hate it)

W-wax candles




Is it normal ? 

Hi guys I hate to be all serious and stuff but Ive been experiencing something..something scary maybe some of you can help. Alright for the last few years Ive been getting these moments were if I am somewhere I don’t feel comfortable at I get really hot, I start feeling trapped and like I can’t breath I’m not sure why its happening and I wish it would go away. I  am well aware of anxiety as I suffer from  that aswell. But I can control it now but this I can’t. Can anyone help me ? 

Little one out xxx

A bit about me!

Hi guys.

I guess as my first post I will tell you a little about me.

  1. I am a teen (not saying my exact age)
  2. I guess I am kinda shy, quirky, clumsy…you get it the list goes on.
  3. I love youtube.
  4. I hate garlic.
  5. Im obsessed with mash potato, magic stars and pirates of the caribbean.
  6. I like playing games.
  7. From this you can probably guess that I am probably the most unfortunate teen you can get. I am odd, crazy and the opposite of most girls my age, thats why I made this blog to maybe find some people more like me, those who dont quite fit in and that like the opposite of what your expected to like. But hey ho Thats me. I guess Im kinda like marmite you either love me or you hate me( sorry that was bad) anyway gotta go.Little one out xxx